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Possibly one of the most popular artists in NSW today, his work has been reproduced extensively in prints for many years, and has attracted a large following amongst art collectors. Over the last 30 years John has become a household name throughout Australia.

Do not miss this opportunity to view and purchase one of his original paintings. Over the last 26 years countless visitors to his gallery ~ Articles Fine Art Gallery ~ have had the great experience of meeting the artist himself.

When John Vander paints a town he paints it as a portrait painter would paint his subject.

Every building is accurate. He sketches every building in the street before he starts his final work.

John says, 'My paintings are sparked by my feeling for the subject. I want others to view my work and catch the same impression of light, colour and form that inspired my original impulse!' 


John Vander was born in Belgium in 1945. He came to Australia in 1969 and began a love affair with this country.

As an artist not born in Australia, he feels that he saw and still sees the Australian environment with a fresh eye, the outlook of the traveller, the pioneer, who is on a never ending journey of discovery.

John's approach to art liberated him from any Australian art influences, his special preoccupation in Australia's past is reflected in his nostalgic interpretation of rural scenes and country homesteads.

John finds that the human component, the struggle of mankind to succeed in Australia in such a rugged, harsh land is really what he admires, and his small attempt and contribution towards the recognition of their struggle is what he tries to recreate in his work; his own tribute to those early pioneers, before time, ageing and decaying take over.

John's ability to capture a nostalgic glimpse of Australia's past, through a unique self-taught style has made his work keenly sought after and although he had painted in Europe, it was not until 1976 with the encouragement of his wife Frances, that painting became his professional career.

John has won many awards, has had many successful one-man shows and has been feature artist in countless exhibitions. His work is represented in many collections including, FNCB of New York, WIN 4, Streets, Kellogg's, OTIS, BHP, Caltex, Boral, Master Builders Association and several major city business houses and public buildings, as well as private collections here and overseas.

John paints seascapes, landscapes, polo games, street scenes, beach scenes, his work is varied and interesting, often immortalising the pioneer spirit of Australia with street scenes and country homesteads, which win him wide acclaim.

And John says..."The Journey Continues!"